Elements is out NOW!

My first EP Album release is available right now! Hit this link to start listening: https://ffm.to/o1xrkjo

The first album release by Chris Pilsner, Elements is a collection of works for string orchestra recorded by the Vienna Synchron Stage Orchestra at the world-class Vienna Synchron Scoring Stage. Chris flew out to Vienna to conduct the 40-member string orchestra in works ranging from the cinematic open “The Lost Relic” to the incredibly emotional “Snow Falling in Autumn”.

Elements is available on all major digital music & streaming services.

Follow this link to listen: https://ffm.to/o1xrkjo

Chris Pilsner
Snow Falling in Autumn Recording Session Video

Here is video from the recording session I did in Vienna with the Vienna Synchron Stage Orchestra. But this is more than just a wonderful performance, its also an emotional account of the last day I spent with my orchestra students. Enjoy!

Chris Pilsner
New Concert Band Music Coming Soon!

Valiant Skies

After a long hiatus from writing for band, I’ve just finished Valiant Skies, my new Grade 3 Concert Band work commissioned by Kevin Johnson, Travis Downs and the North Gwinnett Middle School Symphonic Band.  If you enjoyed Dum Spiro Spero, this one is right up its alley with some wonderful majesty to go along with it.  Keep an eye out for some previews over the next few weeks.  This one will go on sale in April!!!

Valkyrie Rising

This one was commissioned by my very good friend Corry Petersen at Poudre High School.  This Grade 4 is quite a departure from my norm.  It’s big, fast, and loud.  It will go on sale in mid-late April.

Chris Pilsner
Fireflight – Live Session Recording

I had the privilege of recording with the Scottish Session Orchestra this past December with my new work “Fireflight.”  This was a terrific ensemble to work with and I’m really happy to share this wonderful performance with all of you!

Chris Pilsner